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Angelic Signs and Healing Miracles in Challenging Times

It has been a particularly challenging time of late with our elderly parents struggling to cope & needing lots of help and attention. Of course, like many of you, we’ve had to juggle this with the daily commitments of life including work, family, pets, home, and health, to name but a few! Just as we think we are getting there, something else happens! It has been a real emotional, physical, mental & spiritual roller coaster journey with no apparent end in sight! However, when it has all seemed too much I have been blown away by the signs I have received! Read on to discover more.

Three Angelic Signs

Pink Light

It had seemed such a long week, full of busyness & challenges. I decided to have a bubble bath & listen to an Angel meditation by my favourite author, Lorna Byrne. Eventually I drifted into a deep relaxed state, I’m really not sure where I went to, although one thing was certain, I went deep! I opened my eyes as I came to, somewhere near the end of the meditation. I had to blink as I opened my eyes, I was amazed, the room was shrouded in beautiful pink reddish light. I kept blinking to see if it would clear but it didn’t, not even after a few minutes. I knew I was seeing this for real! I felt warm, fuzzy and uplifted.

Feathers from Heaven

I visited my elderly Mum in her retirement housing complex and decided to take her for a walk around the garden. It was a very chilly, overcast January day so we wrapped up warm. We walked slowly step by step, arm in arm up the garden path towards the beautiful circular flower arbour. Just as we reached the arbour centre I instinctively looked upwards, to my amazement, a fluffy white feather drifted very slowly down from the sky, as I held my hand open, it drifted straight into it and I caught it my palm! We looked at each other in amazement.

Healing Miracles

We have a lovely family friend who is very sceptical about all things divine and whether therapeutic treatments actually work. He was suffering with a frozen shoulder which he’d had previously. This time he said it was very painful and just wouldn’t improve at all. I hated seeing him suffer so offered him a treatment as I really wanted to help. He took me up on the offer. As he settled down into the massage chair I noticed something sticking out of his t shirt at the back in the middle of his chest. I pulled it out, it looked like a tiny white stick, as I examined it closely & fluffed it up I realised it was a little white feather! Wow, I’d asked for the healing angels to give him some confirmation but hadn’t expected this!

I contacted him a few days later to see how he was, to my delight he said the pain had completely vanished by the following morning!

The incredible MIRACLE of HOPE and DIVINE SIGNS is always there for us all, it’s our job to notice and acknowledge them.

These are incredibly challenging times for all of us, just to make it through each day deserves a medal! In my experience, these are some ways I have found that have helped to draw these nearer :-

1/ Ask for help - Heart felt Prayers, or inner conversations with the Divine, whatever your beliefs

2/ Have the intention to begin to open up & expand into wonderful new possibilities, signs, or assistance

3/ Acknowledge, notice and write them down.

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