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Butterfly Message of Freedom, Let Your Dreams Take Flight!

I found a beautiful Meadow Brown butterfly one morning on the window sill in our conservatory, I don’t know how long it had been there. It seemed exhausted as it didn’t even attempt to move at all, so I gave it some sugar water and a little Buddleia flower for nectar. It stayed there for a few hours. Later on when I looked, it had gone, so it must have flown away.

A few days later I saw it in the conservatory in the exact same spot again! This time I put it directly onto the Buddleia, it was lovely to see it feed for a few minutes, then fly away.

I feel this beautiful butterfly had a message for me about freedom and self care

What messages have you been receiving through nature?


Where in your life are you feeling stuck, trapped, exhausted or confused?

Deep down we all have the ability to help set ourselves free but sometimes we get caught up in the same place in life, repeating patterns that keep us going round in circles and feeling stuck. Sometimes we need a little helping hand from others to help us get out of our temporary confinement, to find another way or at least look at things from a different angle.

Things to try that may help -




Taking a walk or just getting out in nature

Sharing/talking to someone you trust

Exercise or movement

There may also be treatments that may assist your well-being on many levels (please see Service page)

* Please note these suggestions are never a substitute for seeing your doctor or health practitioner for medical care and advice as appropriate*

As I sat on my patio typing this blog the butterfly returned once again!

This time beautifully it landed on the outside of my conservatory against my dreamcatcher which was on the inside of the window. A message about the freedom to follow my dreams I feel!

* These are the actual photos I took of the beautiful little Meadow Brown butterfly in my garden*

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