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Is This The Secret of Deep, Transformative SELF CARE?

It was one of the busiest periods I’d ever experienced. So many aspects of life had demanded my attention. Family, work, health, the list goes on! I’d also not long arrived back from a lovely holiday, one of those holidays that packed so much in, I’d even joked that we needed another one to get over it! It was my first free day at home since being back at work. Although It was nice to have the space, I felt totally overwhelmed and deflated, there was so much to do, the house was in a muddle, washing & shopping needed doing and because I’d had no time to plan, healthy eating had completely gone out the window! I felt heavy, and annoyed with myself for not attending to my wellbeing. I was rushing around chasing my tail, trying to get everything done and felt down!

I knew deep down I really needed a little time and space to stop, and tune into what was really going on here. It was non negotiable, I couldn’t go on feeling like this!

Finding Space

I managed to find a little gap in my day when I was at home alone. I sat down with a large glass of water and my note book and journal. Closing my eyes, I breathed deeply and tuned into how I was feeling, agitated and grumpy with myself for putting on weight and not keeping up with everything! I’d been carrying these emotions around and it was literally weighing me down.

As I acknowledged what I was really feeling and why, I felt a wave of tears come over me and started to let go….. I realised I was certainly not practising self love and compassion towards myself, in fact the opposite was true! I knew I needed to forgive myself for not being perfect, after all, I was doing my best and so what more could I do! As I made the intention of forgiving myself and bringing love and compassion to the situation, the tears fell, I was starting to release.

I Felt So Much Better!

Shortly afterwards I wrote it all down into my journal. I could feel the release. Later on I felt so much better, the feelings were no longer weighing me down, I started to feel lighter.

I was booked onto an intentions and goal planning workshop later that day and knew it was actually perfect timing to start to open up to new possibilities. After the workshop I felt so much clarity, because I’d released what was holding me back, it was the catalyst for some powerful new beginnings. It was powerful!

Are you struggling with negative feelings and a sense of low well being?

This is what helped me and I hope it may help you too.

💫 Find a quiet space to relax

💫 Breathe deeply, tune into your inner self and ask yourself how you really feel?

💫 Acknowledge how you feel, without judgement, write it down in your journal.

💫 Bring love and compassion to yourself and the situation, you are doing your best, be your own best friend.

💫 Have the intention and desire to release and forgive. Just do your best and take steps in the right direction.

💫 Create a ceremony of forgiveness/release. If you have written it down you could rip it up or safely burn it. Be sure to send love to yourself and your intentions. Visualise letting go.

💫 When you are ready, take time to visualise a new positive story for yourself. How do you want to feel? Set new positive goals and intentions for yourself. Write them down.

💫 Stop and feel that love for yourself, you deserve to feel good and happy simply because you are you! A beautiful sparkling divine creation of love and light. You were created from love and are an expression of LOVE!

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