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Make a Date with YOU!

As I sat up in bed with a big mug of tea, I breathed out a sigh of relief mixed with gratitude. It was the first morning of my holiday, at last! The view of the garden and the hills beyond from the bedroom window of my holiday cottage was beautiful.

The last few weeks had been relentless at work and at home, it seemed life had become busier than ever before. Feelings of overwhelm, chaos and even confusion bubbled to the surface. At last, there was time & space to pause for a moment of self reflection.

As I began to centre myself and slow my breath down, I was able to go within.

I connected to how I really felt and why. As I journaled the thoughts and feelings that came to the surface onto the page, everything began to make sense. The cloud of overwhelm, feelings of confusion & chaos began to lift. I began to receive deep clarity & insights on the way forward.

If you too are experiencing overwhelm, chaos or confusion why not set aside time and space for a moment to reflect & reconnect back to you. Perhaps light a candle dedicated to connecting with your inner self and have a journal and pen handy to write down any insights you may receive.

I have found that connecting and reflecting back to myself is one of the most powerful things I can do for my self care.

If you would like help with holding the space to connect and reflect back to you, I would LOVE to help you do this. Please visit go to the home page and click on join the community.

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