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Nature’s Gift of Healing

It was another morning after several months in lockdown. I could see grey skies and a sprinkling of fine showers gently falling onto the garden outside. Toto our black & white spaniel collie cross pacing, ready for his morning walk. Come on, let’s go my daughter said. I felt lethargic, heavy, lazy even, I could have so easily stayed in the warm comfortable kitchen huddled up to the radiator! Ok, I said. Off we went in the car, Toto grunted happily as if to say “yes, at last!”

As we travelled along the narrow country lanes, the sky still grey and dull, the trees still mostly bare, spring green grass on the ground appearing alive. We drove through an area with thick dense hedgerows and tall trees huddled together on either side of the road. The starkness of the bare trunks and branches looked beautiful, every knot and vein visible, naked buds formed & ready to burst open. I became conscious of feeling the energy and beauty of nature surrounding us on either side. Her energy felt protective, magical, nurturing, and unconditional. It wasn’t just the feeling, it was that somehow seeing the picture that nature had painted all around was nurturing and uplifting, and somehow healing.

Mother Nature is a powerful protector of our health and wellbeing on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. She protects our health by taking in the poisonous gas of carbon dioxide we breath out, improves our mental health by just being near her, helps us to release & cleanse pent up emotion, and nourishes our spiritual health as we notice the signs of hope alive in nature all around. How much then does beautiful nature deserve our devoted protection and love to be able to continue to protect us and the animals she provides for on so many levels. This natural treasure is free and can be all encompassing should we allow it to be.

Why not make a conscious effort to go out into the world of nature, to commune with her & make the most of the healing elixir that only she can give, pure, natural and unconditional. Use your own intuition to connect in the way that is best for you. Mother Earth is truly alive with a cornucopia of blessings she is ready to offer you on your healing journey with a whole heart. All she asks is for our tender care, protection & loving respect to continue to grow and offer her gifts freely.

How will you help nature today? I’m sure you have a special way that only you can help her, trust yourself, take that step & know nature & I are cheering you on.

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